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The fan-favorite comedy-country song, Penis Tsunami by Aaron Sarlo. Recorded at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas, and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in London, U.K., Penis Tsunami was written by Aaron Sarlo, and performed by Aaron Sarlo, Jamie Lou Connolly, Amy Garland Angel, Alex Piazza, Joseph Fuller, Jimmy Young, and Randall Harsey.

Super funny, amazing, beautifully written and performed... If you think there’s nothing new under the sun, this song will make you rethink that.
— iTunes review
An instant comedy classic! This song is one of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s absolutely beautiful, too.
— iTunes review
Funny is funny. Good writing is good writing. Aaron Sarlo continues to cross conceptual lines you never knew you wanted crossed.
— iTunes review
Aaron has turned a funny tune done on comedy club stages into a piece worthy of a movie soundtrack. Well done, sir!
— Comedian Michael Brown
This song is pure music-comedy gold. Best lyricist in Arkansas.
— Kristal Kuykendall [Journalist]
Aaron Sarlo is a very serious, talented musician and lyricist who has produced a tune so downright funny that it will make everyone smile.
— iTunes review
One of my favorite comedy songs. A really catchy tune that makes me laugh every time I hear it.
— Comedian Jay Jackson
I have loved this song since the first time I heard it.
— iTunes review
This song is so dang funny!
— iTunes review
A rhinestone country ballad... I’ve heard this song a gazillion times. It’s never not funny, and it’s got an ear worm chorus you’ll be happy to have stuck in your head.
— Bradley Caviness [Shoog Radio]

*Penis Tsunami: Deluxe Edition includes mp3, wav, lyrics, ringtone, booklet, hi-res cover art — PLUS a live version of the song.

Photo credit: Eric Frazier Photo